Trans National Corporations

We would

1 Establish in law the Principle that Human Rights (HR) are superior to rights and interests of Private Corporations

2 Make Corporations responsible for subsidiary companies and sub-contractors, making responsibility follow the flow of profit. This could be done by requiring them to publish details of "Beneficial Ownership".

3 Ensure that States will guarantee that Human Rights will be applied by TNCs to same standards in third countries as in their base country.

4 Corporate Social Responsibility
Institute a Global Compact to make CSR legally binding, not voluntary, so that company regulations should prohibit them from participating in or funding projects with negative effects on environment or HR.

5 Require the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to report to the UN General Assembly with a proposal to set up a International Tribunal to judge economic and environmental crimes, to which individual and collective victims can turn as legitimate plaintiffs.

6 Amend Limited liability

7 Set up a Commission for Human Rights, Business and the Environment


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