General notes:

It should be clear from the beginning that this to some extent an exercise in "belling the cat". Corporations are mightily powerful, and many political decision makers are financially beholden to them.

However, the journey of 10,000 miles begins with a single step, and this wiki is that step.
It seeks to sketch out the scope of laws that will be necessary to prevent TNCs from harming society and environment with impunity.

The material set out here is a quick first draft. Discussion is possible at the foot of every page.

The best way to work is not by writing a critical essay, but to produce a draft wording to replace a piece that is regarded as weak or deficient, so that if it wins support, the wording can be so amended.

We particularly need to transform the plain English of the drafts here into tight legal language.

We also need suggestions as to where the various reforms should be directed - national governments, Europe, ICJ, UN &c.

The Menu list (top left) can help you navigate.

These are the current headline topics:

More can be added. Follow the links to expand the topic.

1 Libel Law Reform of English Libel Law:

2 Equal Access to the law

3 Corporate Standing in Law

4 Trans-National Corporations

5 Amend Limited Liability (making shareholders liable to pay for malpractice in the company in which that they have invested).

6 Limit Corporate Donations to Political Parties

7 Assessment of the Sarbanes–Oxley Act 2002

8 Simultaneous Policy

9 The Trafigura Case

10 Draft Final Document

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